Hypnosis: A Journey to Unlock the Power of the Mind | Cathie Cain

Discover the power of the mind as we explore the amazing transformative power of hypnosis.

This week’s guest uses hypnosis, not to perform on stage but to help people in all aspects of their lives, successfully helping thousands of clients already.

Cathie Cain helps clients heal the imbalance between their conscious and subconscious mind. She helps them to understand themselves better and replace bad habits with healthy ones, while teaching them how to incorporate new tools into their toolbox.

"Life is meant to be fun. Hypnosis is about getting control back. With the right hypnotherapist, you can give yourself the chance to make a transition and trust that it's not as hard as you make it out to be - it's actually going to be easier." - Cathie Cain

In this episode, you’ll learn the following:
1. The power of hypnosis and how its used to help people make incredible transformations
2. What the difference between direct suggestions between the conscious and subconscious mind is
3. The importance of understanding the subconscious mind and how it affects our thoughts and decisions

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Cathie Cain is the owner and Director of Hypno Health Solutions, and is a certified Master Hypnotist and is both a Clinical & Transpersonal Intuitive Hypnotherapist. She is also a Past Life Regressionist, Spiritual Guidance Mentor and Dudest Priest. She is also certified in Emotional Freedom Technique, Psych-K, Parts Therapy, NLP and Ultra Height Quantum Healing Hypnosis.

Cathie was certified as a Master Hypnotist by The National Guild of Hypnotists in 2008, and in the same year was certified as a Hypnotherapist by The Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Cathie opened her own hypnotherapy practice in Maryland in 2009, and has since successfully hypnotized thousands of clients to help them achieve incredible transformations.

In December 2020, Cathie moved full time to Virginia Beach, and has a beautiful office on Laskin Road in Virginia Beach where she does in-person sessions, but also does sessions on-line.

Cathie is proficient at reading tarot and oracle cards, loves to study astrology, and works with crystals…she is also a seeker of things that make her laugh her ass off and raise her vibration…because she says the world is a much better place when we’re all vibin’ high!

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Will: [00:00:00] Hey, Karen. Yes. We've explored the topic of hypnosis before. Mm-hmm. now, it was a surface level conversation pretty much about what it was from the perspective of a stage hypnotist. Right? Right. Well, today we have the opportunity to speak with someone that uses hypnosis not to perform on stage, although I'm sure she'd be happy to, but rather to help people in all facets of their lives, including and especially spirituality.

It's fantastic. Best of all, you and I. The opportunity to get hypnotized, I know by her , and we can't wait to share that amazing experience with you right now.



Karen: so, well, this isn't really metaphysical, but if you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Will: Oh, I hate these things. We have to choose just one thing. Just one. I'm a Gemini. I can't pick just one thing. I don't

Karen: know. Just one.

Will: I think I would like to read people's. Really? No, I would

Karen: like . I was a little disappointed.

I would like to be invisible. That's a good one. Now, what would you do with your invisibility?

Will: This I think my superpower would be teleportation. Okay. Where would you go? I would go to B. .

Karen: Now if you teleport, you kinda have to go by yourself, right? Like the camping, I

Will: don't know. Because remember the guy from the Umbrella [00:02:00] Academy, it was whole grabs a hold of you.

He could take you with him.

Karen: Oh, well would that be an option?

Will: Uh, it's my superpower.

Karen: I say yes. Okay, well then in that case, I'm all aboard with the superpower. Cool. Then

Will: what is your superpower?

Karen: Well, no, this isn't about me. It's about you.

Will: What is why? This is the partnership here. It should be both about both of us.

Well, then I would be in. Uh, and what would you do if you were invisible?

Karen: Spy

Will: on you? , which is why I wanted to read Minds.

Okay. Well, instead of reading minds or teleporting places, why don't we instead spend some time with our amazing

Karen: guest? That sounds like a plan.

Will: Welcome to the Skeptic Meta Physicians. I'm Will, and I'm Karen, and today it's all about the power of the mind. Cathie Cain is the owner and director of Hypno Health Solutions and is a certified master hypnotist, so you know, she knows what she's talking about.

Mm-hmm. now, she's also a past life. Regressionist, a [00:03:00] spiritual guidance mentor and get this Karen a Dudest priest. A Dudas priest. Yeah, we're gonna ask her about that because I think this has something to do with the Big Lebowski, but we'll see. , no, she's certified in a huge amount of techniques that all sound like complete Greek to me.

So if you look in her show notes, you can see all the impressive lists of, credentials, after her name. But I won't bore you with 'em right now. I can tell you that she opened her hypnotherapy practice in 2009, and since she's successfully hypnotized thousands of clients to help them achieve in.

Transformations. But wait, there's more . She's also proficient at reading Tarot and Oracle cards. She loves to study astrology and works with Crystal, so you know, she is one of

Karen: us now. As much as I love hearing your voice well, I would love to hear hers.

Will: Well then let's welcome to the show Cathy Kane. Cathy.

Cathie: Well, so much, you both. It's so good to see you both, Karen and Will. Thank you for inviting me on [00:04:00] your show. As I said to you previously, I am a big fan of you guys. You guys put out good content, so I am so honored to be here.

Will: you are incredibly sweet to say that we really appreciate you. and the check is in the.

Karen: And we are big fans of yours as well. We

Will: are huge, huge fans. Kathy, let's start right off front with the misconception. There's a misconception that hypnosis makes people lose control.

Mm-hmm. , but really where it's about, it's about getting control back, right?

Cathie: a hundred percent. Um, it's, uh, all hypnosis is voluntary. You know, nobody's making anybody go into hypnosis. Uh, you can't be made to do anything you don't wanna do or say anything you don't wanna say, or that's not inherently within your psyche while you're in the normal hypnotic trance state.

Um, that's, that's really just a bunch of Hollywood Huey, to be perfectly honest

with you

Karen: it's fun to watch.

Cathie: It is fun to watch and it makes the shows really fascinating and it ties everything together, [00:05:00] but it, it, it, it denotes the wrong idea as to exactly what the hypnotic trans state really is and what a person experiences while they're in it.

As you both, you know, found out for yourselves.

Will: And we'll definitely get into our experiences in a few minutes. but the thing that I liken it to, since we did experience it, is it's almost like it's an agreement that we make with you that says, okay, we'll go along with it. And the, value behind it is that if you do allow yourself to just go into it, Into that agreement.

there's all kinds of benefits that come from that.

Cathie: A hundred percent. Yeah. That, that is that voluntary, uh, uh, state that you're in. It's a state of allowing. You're not in resistance, uh, to an acceptable suggestion. Now, if I, I were to present to anyone an unacceptable suggestion, it would immediately get kicked out unless it resonated with what's stored in their subconscious mind.

Like, like if I put in, in a, a suggestion, boy, you look really sick. And they have a, a, a belief [00:06:00] that they're not good enough or they, they don't deserve. So you gotta be very careful with things like that. So if it resonates with somebody, they're going to accept it, whether or not. So this is where the training comes in, where the ethics come in.

Will: Wow.

Cathie: Yeah. It could get pretty deep.

Karen: And pretty personal. But speaking of personal, I have a personal question for you. What made you want to get into this into hypnotherapy?

Cathie: Oh, well, interestingly enough, I, I've always felt like I was just a natural counselor, but I didn't want to just jump right into that, that field, fresh outta college, uh, got into the mortgage industry just through, from the direction I was going in and had a great time and was actually a better schooling for me than actual school was

Cause you know, you learn the human condition. And, and in its natural state and in a very vulnerable state cuz you're dealing with people's money, their home. And it's a very personal, uh, [00:07:00] scenario. So that really kind of, um, uh, educated me on human beings and how to, to properly, you know, work with human beings and how they're, how they're feeling in vulnerable states and that it's, it's an important thing to, to, to care for people because especially in that industry, most people are dealing with sharks.

Karen: Oh

Cathie: Right. So I like to, you know, use, have high ethics and always made sure that my clients got great deals and, and got into their homes as smooth as possible. So that was a, a good learning experience for me. But I, uh, I've always been fascinated with hypnosis. Um, my, my. Uh, I, I've been reading Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr.

Brian Weis since I was 18 years old, so I've always been steeped and always fascinated with it, and I actually used hypnosis or hypnotherapy to help me while I was in the mortgage industry, de-stress myself. Uh, especially when it was getting a little hectic there, uh, about 15 years ago. It was very [00:08:00] stressful and I also knew I was smoking too many cigarettes.

I was a pack a day smoker, sometimes more used hypnotherapy to end that habit. So when I realized just how powerful it was, I decided to stop selling people a mortgage interest rate and start selling them their own self worth. I.

Will: Hmm Well first of all, congratulations on quitting smoking. That's

Cathie: you. Thank you. Haven't looked back 2007. Yeah.

Will: And I remember back a while ago when I used to, smoke myself

Cathie: right

Will: at one point. Sorry, mom, smoked yourself. Uh, smoke. I smoked myself. Yes. On a constant basis. Yeah. Uh, you know, let's not, let's not go there. Cause my mind went to the place I didn't wanna go right now. Oh my gosh.

Karen: Seriously, he used to smoke cigarettes as well.

Will: I did. Yes. Yes. And, um, I remember going to hypnotist and saying to him, I really want to quit this. And he said to me, okay, gimme your cigarettes for [00:09:00] good right now.

And I hesitated and he said, you're not. What are you talking about? Hypnosis? You probably, you know, you can just give me hypno suggestion and boom, I'm done, uh, smoking. but apparently that's not, that's not how it works. But you're, you're, you've gotta be ready to, to make that change.

Cathie: Well, well, yes and no. Yes and no. It all depends on the hyp, the hypnotist. Um, if they're the type of hypnotist or hypnotherapist that's just gonna use direct suggestion, then yeah, they're gonna really need you to be ready because they're gonna have to hurt. They don't wanna have to hurdle the imbalance going on between your conscious and your subconscious, cuz your conscious mind wanted to quit.

Or stop. I don't yet like to use the word quit. Wanted to stop, but your subconscious wanted to continue, and if you're just gonna use direct suggestion, that direct suggestion's gonna be met with a brick wall. All right, so you, you need to actually heal the imbalance before you can introduce the direct suggestion, and that's actually what I, I do, I actually work with a part of the subconscious that encourages the person to smoke cigarettes.

Cuz as weird [00:10:00] as it sounds, it thinks it's doing a good job. It's latched onto the idea that the cigarettes are actually making, making you. That's the bottom line is what it is. And once this part understands that its job is, is he's at the, he's actually failing at his job. We have compliance, but then you can't stop there.

You have to teach this part how to incorporate new tools of the toolbox. So you don't exchange one bad habit for another one, like turn into food, which is what most people do, right? So that's because nature a bores a vacuum. And when you take a tool away and don't replace it with something else, it's gonna have to come up with something.

And food's usually the easiest thing. So I, I teach the subconscious how to incorporate new tools that are conducive to. Healthy and free from cigarettes or anything else that's not good for you. And then do a process called file deletion. And from that point, now we can introduce the direct suggestion.

You are a non-smoker. The urge to smoke is gone. And even introduce mild amnesia, you just forget about [00:11:00] cigarettes and think about something else healthy instead.


that is,

Will: forget?

Cathie: a powerful package. It really, really,

Will: I'm pretty sure Karen would like to forget some, uh, some past relationships, things slash people.

Cathie: We could do that too. Absolutely. Take, take all the, all the ugliness away. Absolutely. Because life is meant to be fun.

Will: so then do you do bulk discounts,

Cathie: I

should, I Absolutely

Karen: So

if, if someone, you know, you're saying that maybe they're not ready directly to be hypnotized, like will with the cigarettes, but subconsciously there, does that mean that you could hypnotize them without them know? Like, could you like, Hmm. I

Cathie: Like, like

Will: to,

Cathie: little

action. Uh, you know, that's a very interesting thing. The, the seed could certainly be planted for sure because there is somewhat of a willingness there. I mean, when I went for my smoking cessation, be honest with truth be told, I still love smoking. I really did. I loved it. I love the [00:12:00] social aspect of it.

I love the, the private time I get to have, you know, when you just remove yourself and, and you get to, you know, just have, have a moment to yourself. But I knew it was the worst thing I was doing to myself, so that that was all that was needed to make that transition. And, and that's really all that we all need, is give ourselves that, that chance to make that transition and understand, trust the fact that it's, it's not gonna be as hard that as, as you make it out to be, it's actually gonna be easier.

Will: Right now, when we went to you to go get this done, we, we didn't necessarily have anything in mind. We were like, okay, Kathy, just show us the power of the mind of hypnosis. so I think Karen and I both went into it a little bit differently. Mm-hmm. and, we'll, we'll touch on that in a second, but, the very first thing that you do is you go in an in depth, accounting of what hypnosis is and, how the process works.

can you narrow it down for

Cathie: Sure, sure. I'd be happy to, happy to. Yeah. Uh, [00:13:00] yeah. Cause I know my pre-talk alone is 30 minutes, so But I, I think it's really important you guys for, for people to be educated because there is a lot of misconception out there as to what people think hypnosis is and, and the. The, a previous podcast that I was on, I asked everybody had they been previously hypnotized and they said no.

And I asked them, when you think of hypnosis, what's the first thing that comes to mind? And a lot of people said, like, magic and, and you know, parlor tricks and things of that nature. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So they're thinking that it's just a, you know, woo woo. So the, the pre-talk is really, really important to first get clear on whatever it is that you're wanting to, to use hypnosis to help you with, and if it's just to have an experience, and we, we discuss that, right?

And then from there, we, we do talk about what hypnosis is and what it isn't. And we talk about, uh, how it feels and how it works and how I conduct my sessions. So, uh, when you understand that we're, we're working [00:14:00] with the conscious and the subconscious mind and how those two work together, that we're not mostly in our conscious mind, that that only makes up maybe about 5% of our whole mind power.

And that surprises a lot of people to hear that we're mostly run by our subconscious mind. Which makes up 90 to 95% of our mind power. And that part of our minds, you know, that's the seat of our fears, our habits and patterns, our beliefs, which are very powerful. Um, our emotions and feelings and our thought energy, and it's our thought energy that's really driving our world.

And most of us aren't aware of how mindless we are about the thoughts that just roll through our mind all day long and how most of these thoughts are of the negative nature. Either we're fantasizing about worst case scenario. We're ruminating about things that we don't like from the past. We're anxious about what may happen in the future.

We're afraid of things that might happen, or we're thinking about the lack of what we want. Ugh, right. So all the [00:15:00] energy is super duper low. And, um, so it's, it's important to get into that seat of where we really live from. And as I, I'm telling everybody, my job really isn't to hypnotize people to de hypnotize people.

get into the subconscious mind and we get rid of those old program. That aren't serving anymore, the habits and patterns and beliefs that you're not even consciously aware of. Half the time, the irrational fears where you're like, I don't know why I keep doing it or why I'm afraid of that thing, but it was something that got imprinted within the subconscious mind at some point in your life so long ago.

You, you don't even remember that, but that program just keeps running over and over and over again, and it colors all of our decisions and how we show up in the world and how we show up for ourselves. So it's important for people to understand that that's where we're, we're basically our, our operate, we're operating from this space.

So it's from this space is where we need to, to [00:16:00] get the deep healing, and I make it as non evasive, non evasive as possible. Um, I like to use the metaphor that when you take your trash out to the curb, you don't undo the twist tie and stick your face in the bag, right? You just take it out to the curb and the nice guys take it away, right?


Will: not a visual. I needed

Cathie: that, but it's, it's the truth right. There's our, there's therapies out there where, where you're talking about, you know, all the things that, that pain you and that does have its place, but sometimes not so much because you could just go years and years and years. To that type of therapy, and you could find out 500,000 ways why you're mad at mom and dad, but you don't ever feel any better because you're trying to use your logical, conscious mind to heal an emotional wound.

It's like trying to use a ruler to measure the temperature. It's the wrong instrument.

Karen: So

Cathie: go ahead.

Karen: can help with grief. I would imagine if you

Cathie: A hundred percent. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes, [00:17:00] yes, Yeah.

Karen: people

many would never consider that, but

Cathie: No, and you're absolutely right Karen. They wouldn't, they don't even realize that it can help with, you know, str basic stress management on a day to day.

But we just, we just buckle up buttercup and get on with their day, right? Cause that's what our society teaches us. And next thing you know, you've got high blood pressure or hypertension and, and you know, your body's saying not happy. So taking. You know, preventative, uh, maintenance with, you know, both meditation and hypnotic work is gonna make a tremendous, uh, impact on, on overall health.

Will: Mm Yeah. It can help with so many things that people don't think about. Mm-hmm. , because unfortunately the first thought is, they're gonna make me look like a chicken, right? Like,

it's always

Cathie: like a chick at bar, I charge extra for that you guys.

So Yeah

Will: well, pay extra to watch him do that.

Cathie: That's right

Will: You.

Cathie: time. His [00:18:00] rings. He's like a, there you


Will: that's not, I'm funny.

Cathie: funny.

Will: Uh,

So this can help for a lot of different things, that people aren't aware of. But one of the things that we are the most interested in the show, obviously is, spirituality, I believe right, that there is. Some people would say that this is a way to reach out to your higher self, to, to help, instill, different thought processes or, remove different things that, that are preventing us from, spiritual awakening, things like that. Is that right?

Cathie: Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes. That's, that's, those are some of my most favorite sessions to do, and I'm glad more and more people are just inherently waking up to this fact. Um, I'm getting calls from people that they're like, I'm not quite sure I wanna come see you. But I think I, I need to. So they just realize that something's shifting within them.

Um, and they're, they're connecting with their divine self. So this, this process, what, what we're doing is we're getting into the deep, [00:19:00] into the theta brainwave, which is the brainwave that we're all in right before we fall asleep. So you're not fully. Unconscious and you're not fully conscious. You're in a state of non-resistance.

And when you're in that state of non-resistance, you're connecting with your higher self, your divine self. Um, and this is giving you all the answers that you're needing and the connection that you're needing. And, and it's the, the people that I've worked with, uh, with their spiritual development, the experiences that I've had is just incredible.

And it's not just through past life regression. Uh, I do a

Will: Which

Cathie: Which I do, and those are so much fun. They really are. And some people are incredibly vivid with their experiences. Like, I mean, it's like they're, they're living it. They're back in that time again. And other people just see it as a movie.

And some people just have a sense of like, they're getting just little flicks, you know, like how you can have memories of childhood. It's just little, you know, not a full memory, but little flicks. And so some people have that experience, but those are, are [00:20:00] profound and amazing. I also do life between lives.

So we're going to your, your essence, basically, before you incarnate be between lifetimes, like we could go back before you incarnate it as, as will and Karen in this lifetime, and get, get imprints or messages of what your, your, uh, your purpose is in this lifetime.

Will: Wait, wait, I'm getting a message right now. My psych are coming in. I. See me doing this with you very soon. . .

Cathie: I

it too, .

Will: uh really

Cathie: up on the same message.


Absolutely, Another fun session as well is, um, and this kind of goes in with the, uh, life purpose awareness is, uh, uh, it's an ultra height, which is. What that means. And, and I, I didn't coin the, the name of this process. You get in a super deep, almost some nebulously state when, when you're in some nebulizer, you're in such a deep state, [00:21:00] um, you're not even aware of what's going on.

You're almost comatose in this state. And once you're in that state, I, I take your mind and we go up, up, up into the quantum field and it's in this state where you. In, in our ethereal home, if you will, and you're able to connect with whomever you need to connect with you. You're, you're able, able to get the, whatever messages that you need.

Uh, you're able to have whatever experiences you need. And if all you need need is just to be quiet and still and have a cellular, some atomic healing, that's what we do. Otherwise, we can explore.

Will: So is that what people considered Q H H T? Is that the quantum

Cathie: Yes, yes, yes, yes. Which is, uh, fascinating in itself. And yeah, it's, it is very much rooted in Dolores Cannon's work, uh, and connecting with the collective.

Karen: Wow. Do you, do you do hypnotherapy on children? And if you do, is it easier? Are they more inclined to let it happen?


Karen: And if you do, is it easier? Are they more inclined to let it happen?


Karen: you, do you do hypnotherapy on children? And if you do, is it easier? Are they more inclined to let it happen?

Cathie: That is an excellent question, Karen. Yes, it is. Um, I, I prefer to work with children over the age of 10, but I have worked with children younger than that. It depends on the child and just how able they are to focus. Really it is. But, uh, 10 and older, they're already walking through life in a, in a beta, I'm sorry, in a, a theta, uh, brainwave.

So they're, they're, they're already fantasizing and, and pretending and make believe and living in that space. So they're very, plus they also don't have, um, preconceived ideas of what they think it is,

Will: Right

Cathie: what most adults have.

Karen: And if you have a session with a, a child, you know, 10 years old or so, um, are the parents there as well?[00:23:00]

Cathie: Uh, the parents are there for the pre-talk, uh, and we, uh, ensure that the, the child is comfortable, uh, by the time we are to have our actual hypnosis session. And then the parent waits in the waiting room. Only one time did the child not feel quite comfortable enough and mom needed to hang out, and I'm perfectly fine with that.

That's, that's not a problem, but it's usually a bit better. The child to be a little more independent and work with me and that way we can have more of an integral relationship together. Cuz, cuz we're both energetically connecting as we're doing this work and how I work with my clients. So, um, and I, I find that the child gets more out of it.

Will: There's a tremendous amount of inferred trust in this relationship, right? Because when we went to go see you, we, we were on our way out. We were like, you know, she could have implanted anything in our minds. We could be, you know, she says hello and we start name like a goat, right? At some point in, in an interview.

Um, but what would you say to someone who says, I, I don't [00:24:00] know if I could. Just go in and fully trust. Does it take a while? I mean, obviously it takes a while to develop, but is there anything that you can do to alleviate someone's fears that, that you're gonna do something that's not gonna be copacetic with

Cathie: Well, that that's, that is, you're right. That isn't for a trust because most clients will know as they walk in and meet me for the first time. You'll know within the three sec, first three seconds, you meet me, whether or not you trust me or not. And this is why I spend so much time with the pre-talk, because that's important to build rapport.

If the rapport isn't there, you're not gonna let yourself go into.

Will: Hmm.

Cathie: that's not gonna happen. Uh, so it's, it's important to be educated and that time allows us to get, get to know each other. And never have I had a client go, no, I don't like you and , we're not doing this, we're not moving forward. Never have I had that happen, and in all the years I've been doing it, so, but no, you're right.

It, it, it is sacred to me. And I, I think I, I, I express. [00:25:00] Uh, pretty, pretty openly with my clients, uh, of how important this work is to me and how, um, sacred the space needs to be that you're in when you're, while you're in my office, and the care that I'm gonna give you while you're there.

Will: Yeah, and I, and I will say firsthand experience, um, your office is unbelievably welcoming and you are, uh, amazingly, genuine in everything. Every, every interaction that you and I and Karen have had has been very genuine, very authentic, very, very welcoming, and, it just safe, I guess is the best way to say it.


Cathie: Mission accomplished,

Will: Yeah. Yeah. You give up a very safe environment, which is, which is great. so for those who might be listening or considering reaching out to you, I would urge them to because you are truly, a wonderful human being, aside from the hypnosis stuff.

Cathie: Thank so much. Well, I appreciate that.

Karen: so Will, I'm looking at the time, we don't have a whole lot of time left, and I know we wanna talk about our experiences.

So why don't you go ahead and. What it was like for you. You

Will: [00:26:00] read my mind. I was gonna go there next. people who have listened to the show for a long time know about my first experience with hypnosis and my constant search for the void, right? When I was, um, when I was brought under the first time I found myself floating in this void, this darkness, and it was the most peaceful, most serene, most comfortable, most amazing experience that I had.

To date. And, the hypnotist, did a hypnotic suggestion that if I put my, two fingers to touch my, my thumb, it would automatically get me right back into that state. And it worked incredibly for a good long time, but eventually it wears off.


So I've always been in search of that void again, through meditation, through, uh, reiki through all kinds of different practices.

Never was able to

Cathie: states. Yeah.

Will: Mm-hmm Yep. Was never able to find it until I got hypnotized by you.

Cathie: Hmm.

Will: It almost felt like every time, and you do say a [00:27:00] lot, you ask us to relax a lot, and there was a point in time when obviously you hear about all the hypnotists. That they count down from 10 or whatever, and as you count down, you get a little bit deeper.

Well, I got to the point where every time that you brought me deeper, I physically felt my body just drop

Cathie: Yeah.

Will: further and further and further. And that was amazing because eventually I found myself floating in that void again, and it was, Glorious. Yeah. So to me it was, it was fantastic. Truly fantastic. Um, how, how was it for you, Karen?

Karen: for me it was, it was different. Um, so I am, I think in this, in this case, I was the skeptic, um, because I also am that person that likes to be in control. I've never really done drugs because I don't wanna be out of that mental control. and so, I'm like, it's not gonna work, . So, you know, I sat down as very comfortable and I was listening to you and you just constantly talking.

So I guess that is what helps you know,

Cathie: I bore to [00:28:00] death.

Will: that's not what I mean. Yeah. It's like you've rhythm. Oh my God.

Cathie: I'm sorry I to

Karen: No, but it's almost like this rhythm or something of, of your voice that kind of really relaxes

Cathie: the, yeah.

Karen: the Thank you. That was a, the word I'm looking for. So I'm listening to it and I'm listening to the suggestions and I'm like, well, maybe, maybe not, but I was kind of still in my head.

For most of the time. And then you said something that, I don't know what made you say it. And I don't know how deeply in I must have been for it to have the effect that it had on me because it was something that in real life, I never would've thought was a problem. It something I know I do, but it's, you know, I didn't think it was a big deal, but you told me you don't have to worry anymore or you don't have to worry about it.

And I just started crying it like I had no idea. that was a part of me

Cathie: that was,

[00:29:00] uh yeah

Karen: that. And, and that was like, you, you pull that in from like way deep inside of me and my response, or my reaction was so strong. And it has been a game changer.

Cathie: Wow.

Karen: a game changer since then.

It has, I guess it worked.

Cathie: Well, it's, that's the power of the suggestion and you were such a place to where you were ready to stop that. And I tuned right in on that, I guess because, well, as I said earlier, you know, I, I'm energetically connected with my clients as, as we're working, you know, you can't be, can't not be when you're doing that type of work.

So I, I picked up on, on where you are at and it's up. It's my job to say the right thing, to be acceptable to your subconscious mind to help you make these transformations that are. Important to the world, not just to yourself because you're, you're here for a reason, just like all of us are.

Will: It was so impactful in fact that I see the tears welling up in her eyes right now. call me out. You always

Cathie: I

that. Well, I, I, I'm so happy to hear that, that you [00:30:00] both, uh, found your sessions to be of such value that, that, that makes my heart full and it truly does.

Karen: kind of one of the points that I wanna make to someone who may have never been hypnotized and they wanna go and they, you might not even realize it because honestly I thought it was a, it was in my conscious part of it that was still conscious during the time. I was like, oh, this is really pleasant.

It's very relaxing, it's very nice, but it's not really doing anything.

Cathie: Oh,

Karen: But then, oh my God, . And so, I mean, I think will, I mean, have you noticed me being less of a, like, obsessive warrior? Completely. I mean, it's, I, I sleep. So

Will: much better night. It's crazy. It's one of the things I wanted to make sure that, that I mentioned, because I did see a change in you and it started immediately after your session.

It wasn't like, a month down the road. It was like right away. It was.

Cathie: That's beautiful. And when you get that validation, especially from your partner like that, it's just like, wow. And you, you feel it in yourself, but then you, when the people around you notice it, that's a big deal. Yeah.

Karen: It is a big deal [00:31:00] and yeah, so, so definitely if someone goes, you know, just you have this experience, maybe you didn't think it worked, trust me, it's working because you might not, you know, wanna let go of the control. Like I subconsciously, or maybe even consciously, didn't really wanna let go. I have a hard time with that, but boy,

Cathie: Most people do. Most people do. So it's my job to help make it easier for, for people who feel like, oh, I can never let control, because you really weren't ever out control were you.

Karen: No. Mm-hmm. . And maybe that's why I didn't feel like it worked. Cause I didn't know what to expect. I'm like, they always say they don't remember being a chicken, so , you know,

Will: maybe I'm doing it wrong, you know?

Cathie: right.

Will: Yeah. it's funny because when I first, learned about you, It was at a, at an event at the, Edgar Casey, a rre that's right down the street here.

And, as I was looking at your material, you weren't there, you were somewhere else at the time. But this gentleman came up to me and I, I, I didn't tell you, I haven't told anybody this, but this gentleman came up to me and saw me looking at your material. And he looks at me and he goes, that Cathy, she's [00:32:00] the real deal

Cathie: Oh my


Will: deal So I was like, okay, this is who I'm gonna reach out

Cathie: I love that that. was my guardian angel

Will: Well, your guardian angel is a very well known actor in the local area.

Cathie: Oh, well he is, you're absolutely right. He actually helped come up with the name Hypno Health Solution. So

Will: well there you go. There you go.

Cathie: I know who you're talking about,

Will: Yeah. Yeah. He's a, he's a, we run in the same circle, so he, uh, there's

Cathie: of


Will: And hearing trust in there too, coming from him. So that, that's, that's what prompted me to, to invite you onto the show because if he says, you're the real deal, I had to try it for myself. And sure enough, I will say, you, you are the real deal.

Uh, so much so that I, I do plan on going back and becoming a paying client because you were really, truly, inspiring and wonderful. So,

Cathie: Well, thank you. Well, I appreciate that, but, and as usual, you as well, Karen. It was an honor to work with you both.

Karen: Well, thank you . That's why I you enough

Cathie: You're welcome.

Karen: I have some family coming in town that I might try to, [00:33:00] Hey, let's

Cathie: Throwing my

way honey


Will: need some help? Yeah. and we, and we know a certain 11 year old, girl who might, um, might be

Karen: all about it. She would benefit. The only thing is I would wanna know like what went on in there,

Is that something that like, you wouldn't be able to.

Cathie: No, no, no, no,

Will: no.

Cathie: But what would, what would, what would be wonderful is the marked difference in how happy your child is. Right. what the bottom line, mom, right.

Will: I


Cathie: uh

Karen: You can help. You know,

Cathie: oh. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Will: so people come to you because they have a certain something they wanna work on, whether it's, past life regressions or get closer to their spirituality or, get over grief or anything like that. But if someone wanted to go to you and something's calling to them because they don't know why they want to go to you, but they just want to go to you, is it, is that okay?

Or do they have to have a [00:34:00] specific reason to

Cathie: no, no. I love working with the people that just have a curiosity. , they wanna, it's self discovery. It's, it's being a pioneer, It truly is.

Karen: for me. Cause I had no,

Cathie: Yeah. You really didn't go in with an agenda. You kind of had a loose idea. And I was like, okay, well let's just take this ride and see where it goes and

Will: Right.

Cathie: yeah, and, and look where we, where, where it took us.

And it was beautiful thing.

Will: so if you're in the Hampton Roads area, in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, that kind of area, uh, I highly recommend you go see Kathy in person, but absolutely. I also know that you do this

Cathie: Virtually.

Will: virtually as well.

Cathie: Yeah, yeah,


Will: that.

Cathie: Uh, kind of like what we're doing now, but more in the zoom level or Google Meet, and I have just a small little checklist that my clients go through just to secure their, their environment, that they're comfortable and they're not gonna get disturbed. They're not gonna have their pet jump up in their lap, happened before. Uh, they take it, they make sure, you know, all their devices are gonna be quiet and so in charged [00:35:00] and, uh, and then, uh, uh, we go from there and it's actually maybe a little bit better because they're wearing earbuds, so my voice is directly in their head. Yeah. So yeah, it's, it's, it's, it's a, it's a wonderful experience.

And, uh, do I love one to one in person in my. Of course, uh, that because the energetic exchange is wonderful, but that still happens virtually. And I have had clients that uh, have been repeat clients virtually as well. And I still see my clients, um, from Maryland, cuz I'm originally from Maryland, so, yeah.

Yeah. So virtually is wonderful

Karen: but you're missing out on that comfy recliner.

Cathie: Big brown, Bertha

Will: That is true. That recliner is worth the trip band

Cathie: Yeah. It's,


Will: yep. One of the most comfortable recliners I've sat in in a very long time. Uh, I was gonna ask, I can borrow that to watch football on the weekend.

Cathie: Bertha doesn't do football well, I'm sorry, .

Will: Uh

wouldn't stay awake through it. [00:36:00] That's true.

Cathie: That's right. That's right.

Will: right. Asleep again. That's true. Now, uh, is there any de, I know that during, during my session, you were concerned that I might have fallen asleep, that there were a couple moments where you had questioned whether or not I was sleeping. does that, um, that must happen all the

Cathie: sure does. Yeah. It's my job to keep an eye on you. And what I, what I'll notice if I think that you have fallen asleep. Well, first I feel an energetic shift in you because I'm feeling as you're moving from, from each level of consciousness, from from beta, alpha, theta, and then even if you move into Delta, which is sound asleep, and if I see that happening, I notice first of all, uh, next to your, your energetic shift is that you're nonresponsive to me.

So if I see that you're nonresponsive to me, that's where I need to test you a little bit and just kind of bring you up a notch. And I'll just come right out. I'm speaking directly to your subconscious mind. Bring the level of your attention up to the sound of my voice. And as you do, raise the index finger of your [00:37:00] right hand.

And next thing you know, you're paying attention to me.

Will: Okay, so the cattle prod in the corner of your office isn't used for

Cathie: No, that's for non-smokers who don't get it the first time around.

Will: Oh, the

Karen: Sharpie draw them. That's what happens if you

Cathie: I have the sludge hammer. I just hit 'em over their head with it No


Will: Now you've, you hear about all these hypnosis tapes back in the day. Were used to listen to 'em while sleeping and

Cathie: to


Will: that legit or is that, cause you were, you're trying to keep everybody in theta, not delta. So if you go to going to sleep and you listen to these tapes, you're in Delta, does that still.

Cathie: Absolutely it does. It does have you, if you remember, there's list, yeah. The list of why you sleep, subliminal stuff that really, really does work. Um, but that's just gonna be a canned message that's repeated over and over again. But there's nothing wrong with that. I still do it myself a hundred percent.

Uh, but when you're working with a, a, a hypnotherapist who's properly trained, then they could, they could personalize it for you,

Will: Mm.

Cathie: is what I did with you, Karen. And you, you as [00:38:00] well. Well, I mean, it's, yeah. It's, it's, it's, it's not a generic uh, uh, canned situation. It's more of an authentic, organic situation.

Will: Gotcha. Is that something like, I, this is completely outta my field, but is that something that you do, you do, do you record these things for, for clients that they can take home with them, or is, or you prefer not to

Cathie: I, I, yeah, there's so much content on YouTube, which I should actually be contributing to, which I'm gonna be shifting that as well very soon. I've just been through such a huge move. I haven't been able to focus on that. Uh, but, uh, there's so much wonderful content on YouTube that that is beneficial. But there's a lot that isn't there, really.


Will: And the hard part, the hard part is discerning between all of it, you know? Uh, there was a a point when I was really looking for, Binaural beats. Because I've heard so much about them, but everywhere you turn it, you know, most of the stuff out there doesn't work because it's gotta be two completely different frequencies and all that kinda stuff.

So how do you know [00:39:00] what works and what doesn't?

Cathie: Uh, well, I, I, I, I go by how it, how, how I feel. I mean, we are feeling creatures. We are emotional creatures, but we've been so conditioned to distract ourselves from our emotions and distract ourselves from our bodies. No, put, take that pill or do that other thing, and distract yourself from how your body's feeling.

Don't we? Um, but it's, your body's gonna let you know your, how you feel is gonna let you know if it's the right thing. And I, I've, I've listened to stuff on, on YouTube, that's of the hypnotic nature. And I will know within the first five minutes this is bs,

Will: mm

Cathie: or, or I notice that my mind's taking a, a left turn where I don't want it to go.

And I'm like, okay, something's not right here. So I listened to that

Will: But then, isn't it, isn't it dangerous to listening to stuff that maybe, who knows what nefarious purposes, people record stuff and make you, uh, you're gonna pee your pants when you're sleeping or something like that. [00:40:00] So

Cathie: kinda a funny suggestion. Um, absolutely. Well, you know what, um, I think those nefarious things are probably getting acted by. The great YouTube, um, and you know, if unless that that suggestion is something that's within your psyche, it isn't gonna happen. Your, your subconscious mind's gonna just kick that out.

No, you, you stopped doing that when you were three years old. You don't need to be doing that now. So it depends on how vulnerable you wanna allow yourself to be.

Will: Okay. Right then I guess I may have to start looking into 'em again

Cathie: Yeah.

Will: I, ran away from him saying, no, I, I can't trust him. So.

Cathie: I'd be happy to refer some of the ones that I listen to that I, I feel are very, uh, uh, ethical and, and legitimate and, and down to earth. And, uh, I've noticed just a, a, a, a good shift in myself by, by listening to these things. I'd be happy to refer some to you them to your listener as well.

Give, you know, boost everybody, right.

Will: [00:41:00] yeah, yeah. Absolutely. if you, have a couple of links you wanna send our way, we'll be happy to put those in the, in the show notes. So if you're listening



Cathie: Yes.

Will: you wanna go in our show notes, you can click on the links directly and find the content that Kathy's, um, recommending.

I, I don't wanna say endorsing or anything like

Cathie: Yeah, I'm recommending, yeah, there's a personal recommendation.

Will: All right. Okay. Oh my gosh, Kathy, I, I could talk to you forever. in after the session I texted you like, oh my God, this is amazing. Right? You said, would you call it the hip no high or something like

Cathie: Yes, the hypno. Hi. It's a beautiful thing, isn't it?

Will: Yeah Yeah.

Do you feel, you feel like a million bucks when you get, get outta that chair,

Cathie: Yeah.

Will: you what

Cathie: Yeah, it's a magical place to be and I, I'm so honored to help so many people be that, be at that vibration, cuz that's really my goal is to help raise the vibration of this planet. Um, cuz the more that we're all vibing at a higher frequency, we're more feeling the more that self love, it's gonna be a better place to live for everybody.



Will: [00:42:00] Absolutely no doubt about that. if you are interested in reaching out to Kathy to try out whether virtually or in person her services, we'd love to hear from you to let us know how it went, because I'm really curious about the, the virtual stuff. because, I would think it'd be harder to go under because of all the distractions, but maybe not.

You're right. Have bud talking to their ear, into their ears directly might, might

Cathie: Makes a big difference. Yeah.

Will: Cathy, thank you so much for coming on, and talking to us about this. And thank you for bringing us into your office and showing us the wonderful world of hypnosis. Yes, we are definitely, converts.

So you'll, you'll see us again for sure.

Cathie: Thank you so much you guys. It was an honor working with you, and thank you for having me on on your show. Really, really, really appreciate it.

Will: our pleasure. And we'll add all your social media links and all that kind of stuff on our show notes. so if you're interested in reaching out to her, just go to, skeptic, go to her episode page, and you'll see all the links listed directly there. If you're listening to this on your phone, then there's a little eye button [00:43:00] somewhere that's gonna open up the show notes and have the links there directly so you can go, right from your phone.

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we hope you've enjoyed [00:45:00] this episode as much as we have. We'll see you on the next episode of the Skeptic Meta Physicians. Until then, take care.

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Cathie Cain

Master Hypnotherapist and Clinical and Intuitive Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

Cathie Cain is the owner and Director of Hypno Health Solutions, and is a certified Master Hypnotist and is both a Clinical & Transpersonal Intuitive Hypnotherapist. She is also a Past Life Regressionist, Spiritual Guidance Mentor and Dudest Priest…
She is also certified in Emotional Freedom Technique, Psych-K, Parts Therapy, NLP and Ultra Height Quantum Healing Hypnosis.
Cathie was certified as a Master Hypnotist by The National Guild of Hypnotists in 2008, and in the same year was certified as a Hypnotherapist by The Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Cathie opened her own hypnotherapy practice in Maryland in 2009, and has since successfully hypnotized thousands of clients to help them achieve incredible transformations.
In December 2020, Cathie moved full time to Virginia Beach, and has a beautiful office on Laskin Road in Virginia Beach where she does in-person sessions, but also does sessions on-line.
Cathie is proficient at reading tarot and oracle cards, loves to study astrology, and works with crystals…she is also a seeker of things that make her laugh her ass off and raise her vibration…because she says the world is a much better place when we’re all vibin’ high!