Hi, I’m Cathie Cain, and I’ve been a Hypnotherapist since 2009. I’ve always believed in ‘Don’t just talk your talk, you gotta walk your walk’, so I’ve used hypnotherapy myself for some pretty major things; alleviating serious stress when I was a mortgage banker, easily ending my 20-year-long pack-a-day cigarette habit, and effortlessly dropping 50 lbs in my mid-40’s.

All major accomplishments, but the last one was a really big deal, you see, I’ve always had an issue with my weight ever since I was a kid. I was just pudgy enough for my oldest brother to tease me practically every day about being ‘Fatty Cathie”. At the time it seemed endless, and it definitely left a scar on me.

Thankfully, I grew out of my pudginess in my teens and twenties…in fact, I was hot…Smokin’ hot!…but I always thought I was fat. I never felt like I compared. Of course now when I look at pictures of me back then I’m like ‘OMG, I can’t believe I thought I was fat!!!’ Sadly, as a result of my low self-esteem, I ended up marrying a narcissistic abuser (another bully) and my weight fluctuated drastically for the next 20 years….which is one of the many reasons a became a professional Hypnotherapist.

This brings us to the time in my mid-40’s when I used hypnotherapy and a popular current weight loss program to finally have the body I always wanted. I felt AMAZING! I looked AMAZING!! I actually cried tears of joy in the dressing room at Kohls when I tried on a size 4 pair of jeans and it fit perfectly! My confidence soared. My hypnotherapy practice soared. Unfortunately, the weight-loss program that I used at that time only permitted chiropractors to be coaches of their program, and out of frustration, I lost interest and didn’t transition properly…then Life happened!

Over the next 6 years my abusive husband and I were at the horribly violent end of our crappy hot & cold marriage, but still living under the same roof. Both of my parents, one of my closest cousins, and three beloved pets transitioned to Spirit. Plus, and I knew that soon I was going to have to say good-bye to the beautiful home that I had cultivated for 19 years…I was traumatized and wanted to escape my reality, so I dove into work ~ but forgot about myself. 

Yes, I did wonderful things for my clients, but I wasn’t taking care of myself. I was mad at myself for trying to save an abusive marriage that I should have abandoned years before. So, no surprise…the 50 lbs crept back on, but NOW I’m 55 and have gone through menopause. Oh crap!! I’m screwed, right? Wrong!! Totally wrong!!!

You’ll be glad to hear that I finally divorced the abusive husband (cut him out of my life completely, in fact), and moved myself, my hypnotherapy practice and my 2 dogs from central Maryland to Virginia Beach. Yay for ME!! I’m not just starting a new chapter in my life, I’m writing a whole new goddamn book!! And it starts with forgiving myself and with loving myself…loving myself enough to take care of all of me ~ Body, Mind & Soul. 

The most important component to the success of any health management program is having the right mindset, so in the Spring of 2022, I knew I was ready to make this transition again, only better, Cathie 2.0. My hypnosis program had wonderfully evolved over the years, but the previous nutrition program I used just didn’t excite me anymore, which is why I knew Optavia was my choice to begin my new healthy Life.

As a Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, and founder of Hypno Health Solutions in Virginia Beach, VA, I’ve helped over 2500 clients get into and stay in the right mindset to achieve their weight-loss and healthy lifestyle goals. My hypnosis program works perfectly to reprogram for a healthy mindset, but it’s only the mind & soul of Body, Mind & Soul, so becoming an Independent Optavia Coach was kind of a ‘no brainer’ for me. Adapting the Optavia healthy lifestyle protocol and products to my hypnosis program was a match made in Heaven for guaranteed success!

I know first hand that programs like Optavia work, and they work very well, but it’s important to have not just the right mindset, but also a strong company that has excellent, tasty products, a program that is reasonably priced and super easy to implement, and supports their clients & coaches, along with a proven track record and longevity.

Optavia checks all the boxes, so when I met my coach, Diane, I basically had her sign me up as a client right on the spot, and in less than two months I dropped 20 lbs, and I’m still going strong…I wanted to be in the program for a while before I made the decision to become an Independent Optavia coach, and now I truly know that the solid healthy lifestyle program outlined by Optavia combined with my expertise in reconditioning the mind for the optimal healthy lifestyle mindset equates to being happy, healthy & whole in Body, Mind & Soul!

For the remainder 2022, I’m running a “Get Back on Track” special at Hypno Health Solutions ~ 

HALF off a 4 session Mind/Body Connection Hypnotherapy package if you join Optavia with me as your Optavia Coach…(a $225 savings) ~ and I’ll be your Hypno~Coach supporting you the whole way…it’s like having your cake AND eating it too, but instead of gaining weight, you’re gaining the life in a body you’ve always wanted!!   

So, stop struggling and come join me!! NOW is YOUR time to shine?? Contact me at hypnohelpsyou.com or 757-720-4204 to book your sessions for a whole new fabulous YOU for the rest of your Life!!


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