One of the most frequent comments I hear from people when they learn that I’m a hypnotherapist is “There’s no way I could ever be hypnotized” or “I have a hard time relaxing, I’m afraid I wouldn’t go under”…and the funny thing is that once these people learn exactly what hypnosis really is, they go into trance like Dorothy on poppies…well, that is, if the proper pre-talk and induction process is used.

So, first things first…the pre-talk. When I meet with new clients, we start off by relaxing and chit-chatting. For most people this is a completely new experience…there’s a mystery as to what they are going to experience, so it’s my job to build rapport and educate to demystify the process. We get clear as to what the desired transformation is, beginning with the unwanted feelings with the objective of going to the opposite end of that spectrum. 

I then thoroughly educate my clients about the entire hypnotic process; we talk about what hypnosis is, and what it isn’t…we talk about how it feels, how it works, and how I conduct my sessions. From this place of knowledge and understanding, it’s easy for even the biggest skeptic to go into trance. The ‘Woo-Woo’ gets replaced with ‘Woo-Hoo!’, because they now understand it’s not about losing control, it’s about getting it back! It’s simply just easy access to your own super powers.

As for getting people into hypnosis, a large part of the hypnotherapy practitioners in the world rely on a technique called progressive muscle relaxation to induce the hypnotic trance (the theta brain wave); which is more or less a guided visualization typically incorporating a deliberate relaxation of each individual muscle, starting at either the head or the feet, and slowly working throughout the body; repeating the language of deep relaxation. 

It’s very slow and sing-song, and for many of us who are OCD, ADD, or analytically minded, well…this method usually either takes a really long time, induces sleep (not hypnosis) or it’s just irritating…we don’t let ourselves follow the slow, deliberate pace of the induction…we’re too busy analyzing it, and making judgments. “Do I feel hypnotized?” “I don’t know…maybe not…am I doing it right..??” “I don’t think I was hypnotized…it didn’t feel like it”…of course it didn’t, because most likely the trance was too light or not present at all. This is most unfortunate, because the right induction process will ensure any personality type to get into theta.

One of the most valuable resources I have ever learned in my career is the use of rapid, advanced inductions thanks to The World’s Fastest Hypnotist, Sean Michael Andrews…the kind of rapid, advanced technique that gently, yet effectively overloads the conscious waking mind or gives it a job to do to keep it occupied while deeper states of consciousness can be achieved. The more occupied the conscious mind is, the more willing it is to follow directions…

Like ‘let your mind drift and wander wherever it will…’ and before they know it, even the most anxious of people can be put in a deep peaceful hypnotic state of consciousness, ready to receive acceptable suggestions for transformation. 

We live in a rapidly changing, fast paced, do-or-die world. The ability to allow states of deep relaxation is absolutely vital to everyone’s well-being; it’s a means of thriving as opposed to just merely surviving. I have had the privilege and honor of helping so many people reach new levels of fulfillment and personal peace through my hypnosis program, and if you’ve got something you’d like to improve or transform, but don’t think you can be hypnotized, well, think again, because you just might be surprised! 


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