Mind & Body Weight Management

This comprehensive 4-week personal development program is designed to help you take charge of your body AND mind.

Whether you need to lose weight fast, maintain your current weight & size, or just want to live a healthier lifestyle, Hypno Health Solutions will give you the internal tools you need to consistently take the right action to be, look, and feel fabulous!

Mind and Body Weight Management Services Virginia Beach

One of the toughest things in life is to maintain a healthy mentality while accomplishing the things that we want to do. The body and the mind are connected and to keep a healthy body, you will need a healthy mindset. The reverse applies as physical exercises to keep the body healthy can also help to stimulate the mind. The two go hand in hand together and if you are having difficulties in starting or maintaining that, you can get your subconscious mind reprogrammed to be consistent.

Whether you are looking to gain, reduce, or maintain your weight, Hypno Health Solutions will help you get to that level. We understand how the human mind works and we will guide you through the best ways to maintain consistency. Get a healthy body and mind today by working with Hypno Health Solutions.

Get the Internal Tools You Need

Keeping the body healthy is vital and part of living a happy life. There are many ways to do so and most aren’t easy. It needs a lot of consistency and at the start, that is something that everyone looks to achieve. However, motivation is something that can be tough to keep. We all go through our highs and lows and that can hinder our path to getting the body weight that we are looking for. For complete consistency, you can get hypnosis services from Hypno Health Solutions to ensure that you have all the tools you need to go towards your goals of peak mind and body weight management.

In addition, Hypno Health Solutions has partnered with Optavia, and high-quality healthy weigh-loss program with affordable tasty food that is convenient and effective ~ average weight loss on the Optavia program is roughly 2-3 lbs. per week. If you choose to use Optavia in conjunction with Hypno Health Solutions, there are significant savings!


Mind/Body Connection Hypnosis program: $450 for 4-weekly sessions. Each session lasts 90-minutes and during the sessions, we will help you work towards your goal more and more. This program is to help you remove the blocks to your success, and take charge of your body and mind.

If you choose to combine the Optavia weight-loss plan, the 4-weekly hypnosis sessions are reduced to $300. 

Using the Optavia weight-loss program is easy, satisfying, and convenient. You’ll be eating 5 Optavia Fuelings and 1 ‘Lean & Green’ (protein and vegetables) daily. Average monthly cost of the Optavia program is approx. $300 +/-, depending on how many boxes you need. Basically, you’re swapping out the money you spend at the grocery store while you on the weight-loss portion of your journey….and Hypno Health Solutions will be by your side coaching you to ultimate success!

Healthy Mind and Body

A healthy body and mind are key to living a holistic life. Hypno Health Solutions will help you achieve this, easily and effortlessly. Hypno Health Solutions has the experience to guide you there and uses the best practices to ensure that you are feeling better about yourself and optimistic about your goals, bringing you to a new level of fulfillment!

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